What is conceptual wedding videography?

Conceptual wedding videography is not just a recording of a video but the story of your wedding as it unfolds. This involves creating a theme, a storyline, a look (depending on the personalities of the families and the bride and the groom) which would be special and unique to your wedding. We would aim to capture all the special moments of the wedding big and small. These are the incidents which you hear about after the wedding is over but never really get to see or experience. They make the wedding more real, more personal.....

Why should I choose Blockbuster Shaadi

Blockbuster Shaadi is your one stop shop for all kinds of wedding videos. Whatever be your requirement, we will ensure the execution and delivery of a film that is well edited and packaged. Blockbuster Shaadi raises the bar of wedding video shooting to a new, professional level. It is the brainchild of a team that has been a part of the television industry for over 10 years and has created some of the nation's finest shows including innovative wedding reality shows. Blockbuster Shaadi assures you a video package which you will proudly show off to your friends and family.

What are the services provided by Blockbuster Shaadi?

Blockbuster Shaadi provides all video services related to a wedding. It does conceptual videos, which are personal and customized for the client. From efficient shooting and a professionally edited and packaged film of your wedding to innovative wedding video invites starring the bride and the groom or the family, to thank you films, which are special capsules made for your special guests. We also conceptualize wedding music videos and special AVs with the bride and the groom to be played out at the wedding functions.

Does Blockbuster Shaadi Provide services outside of India as well?

Yes, Blockbuster Shaadi provides service outside the country as well, in any part of the world.

How much would a Blockbuster Video cost me?

We have base costs for each of the services that we provide. A detailed discussion regarding the scale of the wedding, the location and the client brief on the exact nature of the video will ultimately decide what the exact cost for the video will turn out to be. For more details you can contact us on info@bbshaadi.com.

How are the Blockbuster Shaadi videos different from regular wedding videography?

Blockbuster Shaadi videos are different not only technically but also qualitatively and creatively. We use the best cameras (5D) best technicians (people who work for films and TV) , best editors .We provide you with a package complete with graphics. Creatively each wedding will have a theme, a look, a structure, a story, to make it look like a film or a Tv show staring you and your family.

Do you do still photography as well?

No, our services do not include still photography.

If the wedding is outside Mumbai, what about Travel and accommodation?

For a wedding outside Mumbai, there will be an added charge for travel and accommodation of the crew members, this cost will be presented to the client at the time of final budgeting.

How long after the wedding is over will the video package be delivered?

The video package will be delivered approximately four weeks after the wedding.

How does Blockbuster Shaadi work?

Once you have visited our website, you can leave your details. We will contact you to enquire about your exact requirements. Based on the specifications, brief and other details, we will customize a package for you which will include the cost, number of cameras required for your shoot, number of days required for your shoot, the deliverables and the creative flow for your special video. Once you give us a go ahead on the plan that we have presented to you, Blockbuster Shaadi will start the work.

What will Blockbuster Shaadi be responsible for?

Blockbuster Shaadi will be responsible for only the filming of the events based on the client brief and requirement and will not be involved in the planning and organizing of the wedding events.

What will be the payment terms for the services provided?

We will present a plan based on your specifications and brief. Once you have approved the plan and the budget, the payment terms will be as follows:60 percent at the time of commissioning (the booking amount) 30 percent closer to the day of shoot 10 percent at the time of delivery.

How much in advance does one need to get in touch for the wedding?

You need to book us a minimum of 6-8 weeks in advance for us to start the production process of your film.