Blockbuster Wedding Films

You want every aspect of your wedding to be special and unique; so why should your wedding video be any different? We capture all the action, emotion, naach-gaana, and the masti of your special day and package it into your personal blockbuster movie! Complete with a story, soundtrack and a fabulous star cast- the bride, groom and the whole family! This film will be 45 min to 1 hour in duration and will feature all the events of the wedding.

Wedding Video invites

Digital Invites are a unique way to announce your big day to the world in today's age of digital media. They also enable you to easily and creatively communicate with your family, friends and guests in order to block their date for your special day, The wedding video invites starring the bride and groom will be professionally shot, complete with professional equipment, costumes, script direction, choreography- the works!!! Send the invitation video card to your friends and family and be sure to hear them talking about it for years! Choose from a variety of our themes or tell us your preference, we will customize a concept just for you! This film will be 2-4 mins in duration, depending on the client brief and specifics.

View samples:
Bafna wedding invite

Funky Wedding Invite

Romantic Wedding invite

Traditional Wedding Invite

Personal Wedding Invite

Thank you films

Now you can send personalised thank you messages to your special guests, family and friends for making your big day even more special Trailers of your wedding, cut creatively to be given away to guests as special memories of your wedding These films will be 2 mins in duration

Special AV's films

Surprise your special ones with an audio visual or a special film about their story, to be played out at the Sangeet/Cocktail event. These films will be between 6 mins and 8 mins in duration.

Wedding Music Videos starring the Bride and Groom

Showcase the personalities and the love and romance of the bride and the groom with a special music video that can be played in any of the pre-wedding functions These will be 2-4mins in duration depending on the song chosen as well as other specifications.

Retouch - Give your old wedding video a new touch

Give us your old wedding video footage and take back a creatively and innovatively edited and packaged trailer of the highlights of your wedding, complete with graphics and packaging. Give way to a new and improved version of your old wedding film! The highlight trailer of your old wedding video will be between 6 and 8 mins in duration.

View sample:

Arjun and Ishita wedding highlight Trailer

Proposal Videos

The best way to create an everlasting memory is to make it special and what better way than a video proposal for your beloved! Create a memory that will get etched in time and that will touch the heart of your loved one in the most special way. We will ensure that we create an innovative and exciting proposal video for you, starring YOU! Don't wait! Do something different and fun and make a memory that you will never forget The duration of this film will be between 2 and 4 mins.

Celebration videos - Videos for special occasions

Special videos for some precious occassions and milestones of your life. An anniversary video for your spouse for the wonderful years spent together, a special video for your parent chronicling their life on their birthday, your little one's mundan, naamkaran or even birthday! Choose anything close to your heart and we will creatively put together a beautiful video with your memoirs (pictures, home videos, video testimonials, etc.) The duration of this film will be between 20 and 30 min.

View sample:

Kejriwal 50th anniversay trailer